Unapologetic and unmistakably in a class of our own. Unified by our differences and very much comfortable to live, love, and rage harmoniously as individuals. We are Classy Miss. A beauty lifestyle brand that prides itself on empowering our customers to live however they choose while keeping it classy.


Brand Story

Classy Miss began with a simple idea. Create a beauty brand that actually promotes self-love and inclusion, through producing high quality, cruelty-free and vegan products. There is a trend of companies claiming these ideas, but the follow-through falls short. Why Classy? We don't mean classy in the conventional sense. You are as "classy" as you believe yourself to be. This goes for everyone, no matter how you identify. You are valuable and you are enough. No one can determine your worth for you. An odd idea for a beauty brand to promote, but we feel that you should use beauty enhancements for yourself. Select products that make you feel good about how you look and about the company providing them. Our mission is to be that company.